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Our Products

Why not Take a look at our products, We offer numerous products to the marine industry.

Delivering Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions - Fast!

Welcome to ACT.

Here at ACT we strive to provide quality heat exchanger solutions to all clients in the marine and power generation sectors. We also understand that in times when budgets are tight, every effort must be made to provide low cost solutions. From our state-of-the art facility in Cape Coral, FL we design and manufacture every unit that leaves the factory with these requirements in mind.

Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the heart of the cruise industry, ACT offers a full range of marine and industrial heat exchanger and air conditioning solutions to ship operators and managers across the globe.

With locations in Florida, USA and facilities at our parent company, AMI Exchangers in the UK, whatever your requirement, ACT can provide a solution.

Unlike some of our competitors, we actually design and make our own charge air coolers.

What Our Customers Think

"Determination you displayed to meet our needs, despite the odds, is gratifying."

An OEM Builder

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"The units fit beautifully! The ship has no complaints. You really came through for me!"

A Happy Cruise Client

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