repair & service

We offer a wide variety of processes to meet your requirements for the repair and servicing of your heat exchangers. We have developed these processes over the many years and understand the need to complete work on time to minimize down time and meet shutdown deadlines.

- We offer on site chemical cleaning for the de-scaling of various types of heat exchangers.

- We specialize in the full servicing of a wide range of heat exchangers.
This process can be utilized to improve the performance of your heat exchangers or as part of any periodic inspection requirement.

- We offer a variety of repair options both onsite or at our works. 

As part of the Vestas aircoil Group you will find Tersus – a unique cleaning solution for both on-site and off-site cleaning. Read more here

who WE ARE  


Based in Florida, the ACT-site is specialised in heat transfer products and services to both the US market and overseas. We are part of a global organisation – the Vestas aircoil Group – which includes sites in Denmark, UK, Romania and Asia.

Our management team consists of some of the most experienced and skilled employees with an average of 20-35 years of experience in the heat transfer industry. We have access to state-of-the-art product development, mechanical design, and material specialists and our team includes people with on-site operational experience from a wide variety of industries.

Our competitive edge lies in our ability to provide high-quality and innovative solutions in a very short time. 

With our highly experienced local team at ACT, US we're your go-to experts for all things heat exchangers – also when it’s urgent. Our extensive stock of various tube sizes ensures our lead times are highly competitive. 
We are committed to excellence and are equipped to handle diverse heat exchanger needs,
making quality our constant companion every day. 



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