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On Board Work

Onboard Work

Our teams of on board engineers travel around the globe, all year round to provide cost effective re-tube and refurbishment procedures to minimise the downtime of removal of units. We have completed hundreds of projects for some of the biggest names in shipping, and pride ourselves on offering a second-to-none service which offers considerable savings and opening up options to vessels to keep them in operation where they would normally be laid up and losing revenue.

To enquire about availability and pricing of our on board services, contact us.



Another way we can offer significant savings to our clients is with our popular cleaning and refurbishment services. We can clean and refurbish charge air intercoolers, where our processes include inspection, engineers report, cleaning, rudimentary repairs, new gasket sets and pressure test.

Our plate heat exchanger services include cleaning and crack testing of plates, and offering replacement plates and gaskets where required. Our clients who enjoy the benefits of this service tell us that they have saved big through cleaning and refurbishment, with some stating savings of up to 50%.

Express Lead Times

The decline in the shipping industry has seen everyone tighten their budgets, it is essential for surviving the down turn. Unfortunately, heat exchanger failures still occur regardless of boom or bust. When a unit fails unexpectedly Applied Cooling Technology are there to offer impressively fast lead times on the production and delivery of replacement units. For a small additional charge we can offer improved production times on most cooler units, with some units having been manufactured in a matter of days!

These impressive turn around times are achieved through having assembled a vastly experienced and highly flexible team of technicians in our factory. We can switch factory operations from usual 8 hours-per day to 24-hour operation within an hour to ensure we meet even the tightest of deadlines.

To see how quickly we can deliver your required unit, please request an enhanced production time when you request your quotation.

"Determination you displayed to meet our needs, despite the odds, is gratifying."

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